This year, the pupils in “Ion Neculce” National College in Bucharest are celebrating the World Water Day 2015 by launching a project on Water as Heritage at the very source of what is considered the purest water in Romania; as a matter of fact at the 7 sources“ 7 izvoare ”, for this is the name of the place. It was known 2000 years ago, when our ancestors, the Getae, considered this to be the sacred water source their god drank from. Nowadays, people still consider it a precious source of water, which is partially bottled for the benefit of modern man. Situated in the Bucegi Natural Park, 7 izvoare is a place of breath-taking beauty. We’ll be there on the 22 March!

In Romanian fairy tales, the hero is helped by what is called “living water” and he throws “dead water” on the dragon and kills him. There are a lot of legends in our folklore about sources and springs hidden in the mountains with so pure waters that they can heal, not only quench the thirst of the traveller. We’d like to do research on these mythical places and bring the evidence of modern studies that attest to the fact that water quality is a pre-requisite of life and health. We’d like to look at the old myths and legends with modern eyes and discover what science says about the truths of legends. So, we’ll start by going in the Bucegi Mountains, where not only legends but also modern studies show that there is water of extraordinary purity that we need to preserve as national and world heritage. Evolution must not be equivalent to the destruction of what nature gave us; on the contrary, water must be kept as clear and life-giving as our ancestors 2000 years ago knew it. Water is an essential part of national and world heritage.